This week I was invited to guest blog at Author Exposure, in honor of Paranormal Day.

Extraordinary Everyday
~Kelley Harrell

For intuitives and sensitives, Paranormal Day is everyday. The thing is, we don’t often get to talk about this way of being, so the fact that real people are out there having extraordinary experiences round the clock is unmeted. Maybe fear is part of that omission. Understanding that some people are visited by spirits, that some really do converse with animals, perform miraculous healing, or inherently have access to other dimensions can be challenging. Maybe it’s cultural skepticism, the fail-safe imperative to back away from what isn’t readily understood, or to grab it up in hopes of unraveling its science. Maybe such sentience is far more common than we think, but the sheer mind-blowing truth of what is too big to process, too challenging to revere, languishes as coincidence, chance.

Real Wyrd - A Modern Shaman's Roots in the Middle World by S. Kelley Harrell

I’m a lifelong intuitive who really does see dead people, hears the voices of Nature, and connects with the etheric field of All Things. Writing about personal experiences of the wyrd helps others find meaning in theirs, and in that I can indeed attest that the ecstatic, the mystifying, and the creepy thrive. Beholding such isn’t miles beyond comprehension. In fact, it’s a stone’s throw away. The only difference between those who perceive the subtle world and those who don’t is willingness. To have the will to perceive what lies outside accepted awareness requires confidence. Cultivating the confidence to become more aware is comprised of learning that all sentient data is information, and instilling the habit not to judge that information. The latter of these two is what trips most people. Should you glance up and see that the sky is magnificently teal with purple polka dots, instead of instantly telling yourself that you must be crazy or ill, accept for that second, for a thin slice of being, the formed world presented a sky that was teal with purple polka dots. Perhaps the very next second, the sky is cerulean blue dotted with wispy clouds. This subsequent observation doesn’t negate the initial one, or vice versa. Both stand as valid, equal data. They are, perhaps, different kinds of input sourcing from divergent levels, but both are valid and equal. While this seems like a silly, frivolous example, the ability to see beyond the veil is cultivated in the banal. Frequently, moments of interconnected realities are expected to be grand AHA! affairs, and there are certainly those. Most common, instead of recognizing the etheric in mundane observation, we deem unusual perceptions irrelevant when they don’t fit an expected context. The unseen is everywhere, coursing through the things we see and encounter everyday. The connection to All Things is intact, even if we are not aware of it. The task is raising that awareness.

So the next time you see something that isn’t really there, or you know something you can’t possibly… understand that it’s all real. Allay the question of its existence and of your own perception. You cannot perceive what is not real. Your mind won’t allow it. Relax into knowing that you are part of All Things, and that connection offers you certain insight. Within that insight is no fear. As your fear of the unknown dissipates, so does the veil.