For the last two years, every week I write a gratitude post. In addition to that, I’m closing 2014 with the biggies. For these, I’m grateful:

  • I grieved the life I don’t have and am more peaceful in the present
  • I overcame my fear of public appearances
  • I processed the consciousness-altering dream I had in 2013 that changed my cosmology
  • I had a total breakdown of health and psychology that brought closure to long-seated anxiety
  • I realized my chemical reality for what it is, at my current age and health
  • I finally feel my stress is in the present, and that I’m not dragging my past into my present (or being dragged around by it)
  • I realize the impact PTSD has on the body
  • I forgave my body for its chronic conditions, and thanked it for carrying me through it all
  • I published Teen Spirit Guide to Modern Shamanism
  • I learned a lot about being an adult partner
  • I learned more about being a good mother
  • I enjoyed playing more games
  • I reconnected with Truthsayer
  • I did lots of sacred decluttering
  • I experienced fabulous bonding with Tribe
  • I created the Two-Year Modern Shamanism Intensive
  • I figured out what I’m doing here, and how I want to do it


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