Wunjo – joy – We haven’t been visited by Wunjo since August of 2013, which makes it a special occasion. Truly, though, anytime Wunjo appears it’s special. It’s the Rune everyone wants to appear in their readings. 

We usually think of joy as a feeling, happiness. On a deeper level, though, joy is more active than that. It’s a state of being, in which we’re engaged in the magick that manifests desires, which is exactly what this stave indicates is available to us with the support of the Multiverse, at this time.  In other words, we’re not just feeling joy, we really are it. We’re an active part of its magick.

We’re in the midst of Mercury retrograde, and coming out of a powerful and rare selenelion. Whatever bumps and scrapes we’ve gained, the memo here is to listen to them. Hear their stories–don’t just feel them and emote from the place of the hurt. Realize the revealed hurts are their own life force with a story, healing, and a blessing. The blessing is the emphasis, here–or it can be if we allow it. This is the magick Wunjo brings.

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