8_WunjoWunjo – joy – It’s been quite a while since Wunjo heralded the life force most available to us for the week, and it’s never presented itself as reversed before. When it visits us upended, when joy is tilted, crisis is at hand.  This is, of course, no newsflash, because we’ve been nursing this dymamic for a while.

The opposite of joy isn’t something we give much thought to. We’re either blissfully joyful, or we want to avoid all consideration of not being so. However, a lack of joy is something that has touched all of our lives, at some point.

Often we think of sadness as the absence of joy; however, Wunjo offers another perspective. As it is the last Rune of the first Ætt, it symbolizes initiation from one state of being to the next. As the first Ætt deals with how we as souls in form bring things into being, it is primarily concerned with how we bring ourselves into being. When we encounter Wunjo reversed, we encounter disappointment with how we are creating ourselves or some facet of our being.

Most of us have more coping skills for sadness than we do disappointment. In sadness, we can surrender to the emotional state of loss, perhaps even grief, and through the introspection it brings, we find catharsis beyond it.

Disappointment comprises sadness, though it also presents a deeper layer. Because we feel responsible for the failed outcome, we are more likely not to deal with our sadness. We didn’t do our best. We didn’t honor our intuition. We didn’t fulfill a deep need for ourselves. Because we feel responsible for disappointment, we are more likely to deny it, to ignore how let down we feel. 

Disappointment in a task, competition, or even our job is one thing. When we view it from the level of Wunjo, we’re talking about colossal distress over some aspect of ourselves or our lives not being in line with our soul’s needs, which when denied, becomes unchecked, longterm, seething rage.

Ever-optimistic, Wunjo reversed doesn’t just indicate this as the current state of things. It also presents the timeframe that is right to confront the source of that let down.  No, we won’t suddenly manifest the outcome we wanted, though in seeing the source of the rage for what it is, we open our imagination to create a way out of it, which puts us closer to knowing our soul’s needs, thus actually meeting them.

The thing is, we do get do-overs, and this week, the fates are allying to share this one. Whatever in your life hasn’t shaped as you’d like, dive deep and see the blueprint again, because this time you have help with a repeat, scrapping it for something completely new, or retracing where the plans can be improved.


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