Uruz – Auroch – Having moved through last week’s question posed by Perthro, this week The Weekly Rune gives us the momentum to act on that answer. As I am fond of saying, anytime the wild things show up, it’s about to go big. Uruz is the second Rune in the First Aett (though some argue that it’s the first–do discuss!). The point of mentioning its position in the futhark is we’re dealing with giants, and in Old Icelandic cosmology, they are the real movers and shakers. They are unconscious urges.  So when I say big, I mean gigantic.

Patreon-PledgeFrom that cosmology, the giants created everything. That’s a very vague statement, considering the colorful path from Void to Being. Specifically from the standpoint of Uruz, the focus is Audhumla, or the feminine principal embodied as a sacred cow. Across pantheons, we’re visited with the symbolism of the sacred cow mother who feeds the world, a scenario that also echoes through the Norse creation story  Considering Audhumla as Uruz, not only did she  play a role in creating those we know as “the gods,” she was also involved in the creation of humanity, and possibly other races in the Norse pantheon.

This week, hold your dreams well, because Audhumla truly is the star stuff of creative life force, and the action to bring it into being.

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Blessings, and dream well!