Uruz - Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune by S. Kelley HarrellUruz – Auroch – This second Rune of the First aett came up a month ago, though this time, I think it’s worth noting that it presented itself reversed.  I admit, I approach reversed positions in a completely intuitive manner.  Sometimes I don’t feel the position is of note, and other times it’s very significant.  This time the reversal is important.

Uruz reversed, at this time, indicates chipping away at some hidden inner power.  Generally thought of as our most primal aspect of self–the true self–Uruz comes when we are encouraged to go back to our most basic roots and cultivate them to grow deeper.    Truly, can they ever grow deeply enough?  Is there ever a point at which we are too supported?

This time isn’t about patching together a crumbling foundation, or banging your head to figure out what the block is.  It’s about remembering that there is always room to grow, even when you’re well-tended as it is.   It’s about remembering that no matter what’s going on or where you are in life, who you are has always been and craves light to blossom.

So if you feel like you are circling back around on something you thought you were done with, you are. This isn’t a repeat, just an opportunity to look things over, kick the tires, and plan the next adventure.

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