Weekly Rune - TiwazTiwaz – Tyr/Thor/Tuisto– Dual feelings herald the arrival of Tiwaz. Initially comes the doom of defeat, as the realization that the current way isn’t working sits heavily. Then comes the promise of release through sacrifice. Yet with that sacrifice comes assured desired outcomes.

In the case of Tiwaz, we’ve been working hard at something for a long time–usually our heart’s desire.  We’ve laid everything on the line, and with tears and a world of frustration, are forced to admit that our best effort isn’t working. For that reason when we draw this Rune, our thoughts must turn to the fact that we know what needs to be given up, we just don’t want to do it.

That hesitation is two-fold. First, it isn’t called sacrifice for no reason. Generally the things we know we must give up are the ones we most want to keep. That’s what makes the election so hard. No external source is pushing us, no other force can make the call. We know what has to be done, and the commitment to do it is what’s required.

Second, the deeper tension this Rune calls out isn’t that we’re at a gut-wrenching turning point in a life-altering engagement, or the fact that we know we can get there another way. It’s in not wanting to let go of the fact that the original plan didn’t work.   We know what it will take to get the deed done, but we can’t stop grieving that we won’t get there the way we thought we would long enough to just change direction.

Consider where ego is in the way of fulfilling life dreams. So often we become rote in the process that we can’t see how it prevents us from reaching our destination.  Deep down we all know when we’ve lost. We know when an outlet is no longer viable. We also know the traps we put between ourselves and an otherwise perfectly clear path.

The bright thing I can offer about Tiwaz is that it means that Plan B succeeds. Whatever it is, whatever the sacrifice, victory comes.

Just turn the other corner and go there.

Weekly Rune – Tiwaz by Kelley on GoAnimate

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