Weekly Rune - TiwazTiwaz – Tyr/Thor/Tuisto– I always enjoy seeing this Rune come up in a cast, though I understand why some might have mixed feelings about it.  Maybe more than any other Rune, Tiwaz speaks of final hurrahs and the eleventh hour, and all the emotions that come with pulling our dreams out of the fire.

I think of Tiwaz as the “drama” Rune, in the sense that it forces us to deal with the current state of things, as they are about to be upheaved, and us with them. Moreover, it requires that the current state won’t change without sacrifice.

Sometimes we know going into an endeavor that we must be flexible, willing to compromise. In other cases, we realize that the original plan was off track and needs adjusting, that we need to step back a little and rethink things. Tiwaz is none of that. Neither that neat nor graceful, this stave epitomizes aligning divinely with thoughtform, channeling perfect effort into manifestation, putting our heart’s desire on the line, and watching it get stomped to smithereens.

What becomes evident quickly about Tiwaz isn’t that things aren’t going our way, but that how we respond to that fact determines how smoothly we can recover and meet the objective. Most often with this stave, we know what needs to be given up for flow to be restored, we just don’t want to do it.

It’s hard to think we can taste glory, realize what we thought would work won’t, glimpse what will, yet stand in the way. The guilt of refusing to change course is not to be underestimated. No external source is pushing us, no other force can make the call. We know what has to be done, and the commitment to do it is what’s required.

Bless the ego that can’t let go of the original plan, and go with a new one. The bright thing I can offer about Tiwaz is that it means that Plan B succeeds. Whatever it is, whatever the sacrifice, victory comes.

Just turn the other corner and go there.

And now to lighten the mood a bit:
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