Tiwaz - Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune by S. Kelley Harrell

Tiwaz – Tyr/Thor/Tuisto– At the risk of being repetitive, this week’s Rune is again Tiwaz.   As you recall from last week, Tiwaz is about second winds. It’s about realizing that best-laid plans and heart-centered dreams just are not going to be, and pulling it all out of the fire at the last second with fantastic success. This week’s reiteration of Tiwaz is optimistic in that it means we’re on-course.  We’re doing the work and creating the space needed in order to choose the best direction that we can for ourselves.

This is the time to fully integrate internal gifts with external support, which can only be done with steady, even, effort. Our most advantageous tool for integrating these facets of being are by using the breath. When we become aware of how we breathe and control it with focused awareness, we become fully present. We become a streamlined effort to breathe, move, do.

That’s not to say to take that we can take creative breath lightly. In this case, the inhale Tiwaz presents right before the primal scream is the etheric foundation for everything we want to create right now. This is the time to dream in vivid detail, full color. Experience what is wanted in the imagination, so that it can shape around us in form. This is how we create sacred space with ourselves, guides, totems, allies, deities, Source, to manifest our heart’s desires.

The caution here is not to let that deep inhale take too long before breathing out action. So often when under duress we hold our breath. We find safety in the stillness, the control, the silence. Etherically, when we linger in the imagination our efforts become escapist.  Yes, we’ve shifted the vibe, our direction, our desires.  We’ve tapped into a deeply uplifting and supportive current.  Sometimes, many times, actually, that support can feel so good after flailing in the stream for so long that we are tempted to just lie back and keep floating.

Not an option.  Don’t waste this second wind.  Stay with it and see change through.  No matter how safe and secure–or even motivating–it feels to stay in that creative void space, don’t avoid putting brilliance into action.  That’s what all of this shifting has been about.  That’s why all the upheaval and work.

The visions, feelings, and instincts visiting now are right-on.  This continuation of the battlecry is neither a reprieve, nor a stall.  Longer time with Tiwaz presents us the opportunity to imagine it all as precisely desired, and lay the plan to bring it into being.

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