Tiwaz - Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune by S. Kelley Harrell

Tiwaz – Tyr/Thor/Tuisto– Yes! This Rune radiates such great movement and follow through, I don’t even know where to start. Last week was a doozy of conflicting energies, clashing needs, and highlighted areas for improvement. For some of us, Tiwaz likely means that we’ve set a new course and have already sailed victoriously off into the sunset. The rest of us are still rowing, which despite the dogged hard work is better than being up shit creek with no paddle–as things have felt for a bit.

I love this Rune. Every time it comes up in a spread it brings such a sigh of relief that words just can’t do justice. Sure there are other, more joyful Runes. I resonate so deeply with Tiwaz because it’s related to having survived, and the shift into thriving. A phrase I learned in conjunction with Tiwaz is ‘the battlecry that awakens the second wind.’ Tyr (Thor) refers to Tuisto, the legendary god, who when pressed to survive and preserve mankind, sacrificed his hand to the fiendish Fenrir. He couldn’t save his people. The result was Tuisto’s creation of another iteration of the human race.

The message here is that from dire straits amazing outcomes are born. In other words, Plan A is clearly not working. Stop trying to force it, even if heart desires are tied into it. Realize this truth for what it is, stop doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. It’s time to implement Plan B.

No Plan B in mind? Tuisto didn’t have one, either, because he couldn’t fathom not saving his people. Though heartbroken, he made found his way to move through on the fly, which is what made it work. Most often we are at our greatest point of power when we feel powerless. When we feel powerless we are hindered by nothing, because that’s precisely what we have to lose. Absolutely nothing stands in our way, but ourselves.

Now is the time to formulate the new direction. Everything in the cosmos is shining a light on the best way to break out of old patterns and move forward, screaming like crazy, hair blazing. I know there’s still some residual frustration, if not rage, guilt, sadness, about things not turning out as planned. But they’re not going to. Have the tantrum. Melt down in grand style, and let it go. The etheric fuel built up from this battlecry feeds the inhale that allows the new direction to come in. Tiwaz means that Plan B is The One. Whatever brainstorm lights through, go with it, because that’s the one that’s going to change circumstance and return power, enlightenment, inspiration–whatever is needed.

This is the week to give in, let go, and dig in to carry out the new outcome. Call on every guide, deity, totem, guardian available, and ask for their support and assistance. Most of all, let us drop the façade and engage our true selves.

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