Thurisaz - Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune by S. Kelley Harrell

Thurisaz – thorn– Wow. How fitting that the last two (and only) times Thurisaz was drawn for The Weekly Rune, Mercury was retrograde, as it is now.

Given Mercury’s odd and often jarring synchronicity, the power of this Rune lies in a keen ability to flow with divine order. As it is connected to the realm of the giants, it represents Thor’s hammer–the implement which when employed brings sudden and drastic change.

As such, this Rune often indicates an abrupt modification of events, usually for the good. It’s easy to see Mercury retrograde as an aberration of flow as we’re used to it. Identifying its quirky, grating way of accomplishing uplifting ends is not always so clear.

A key note about Thurisaz is, while it indicates the time to strike, miss, and it’s over. The moment has passed. Of course, the only way to be assured of wanted outcome is to stay aligned with divine order. And the only way to truly flow with divine order is not to be attached to the outcome.

Ultimately, Thurisaz is about strength. With this Rune we prove to ourselves that we have the endurance and power to allow what is best for us, even if ‘best’ isn’t what we thought it was. In letting go of our idea of what’s best, we allow ourselves to change. In changing, we grow.

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