Thurisaz - Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune by S. Kelley Harrell

Thurisaz – thorn– There is an expression, “in the weeds,” in the food and beverage service industry, in which not only have you gotten overwhelmed by the tasks before you, but you’ve fallen behind. Given that Thurisaz translates to “thorn,” I find that an apt symbol for the present vibe.  Worth noting, the last time Thurisaz was the weekly Rune, Mercury was retrograde. It just went direct yesterday.

While that may seem, and certainly feels, dismal on the surface, keep in mind that under duress, amazing outcomes manifest. Elements conspire to form diamonds, metal is whetted into sharp blades, nectar becomes honey.  In each of these, experience creates an outcome utterly unfathomable from its original form.  Thus, our attention turns to how we apply our knowledge, how we acquire it, and the tools we use to move forward in it.

This, too, shall pass.  In fact, it is already passing, and from some deeper vantage point within, has passed.  Imagine what the new, improved you looks like.  How does it feel to be not just through, but beyond the present rough patch?  Situate yourself into that moment. Breathe it, practice walking around it.  When you deeply immerse in the senses of what you want, what is most needed, you will realize that is precisely what you possess.