For the week of  10 July 2016

Supported body, mind, soul–the prescription for wellbeing.

Four Weekly Runecasts for $5, Soul Intent ArtsUruz is the half-month rune through 29 July.  Sowilu/Sowilo is the intuitive stave, and Mannaz is the stave indicating the planet’s needs. Read right to left is Uruz, Sowilu, followed by Mannaz.

The half-month rune is set by the runic calendar, and governs for a tad over two weeks. The intuitive stave indicates the life force most available to us, which brings the focus of the half-month rune into sharper focus for the present week. It suggests how we can handle these energies. The planetary stave indicates the state of the planet.

Following is a summary of The Weekly Rune. Read the full runecast for more details on how these runes impact human life force over the next week, and how to best manage the curves and twists.

Reclaiming the Runes Preview Course, Spirited Paths, by Soul Intent ArtsFor the last few weeks, Fehu assured us of a time of prosperity. This week, Uruz summons the same, from our depths. Related to the Jötun, Auðhumla (Auðhumbla), the feminine divine in the guise of the auroch, associations with body, wellbeing, and wild potential are the focus.

To learn more about Uruz, read the full runecast. Have it delivered to you first, four times a month, for as little as $5!



Use this week to find power that is otherwise ignored or not realized for what it really is. Put it into motion, and if moved, bring Auðhumla into ceremony that blesses it. Uruz is a strong catalyst for self-originated and directed change. It’s magick at its rawest.

Sowilu (Sowilo) has been with us in various positions for the last three weeks. Meaning ‘sun,’ it brings cheerfulness and light. As the rune indicating what energy is available to humans this week, Sowilu’s synergy with Uruz makes potential even more potent. In this cast we have the foundation to transcend who we think we are, to realizing and celebrating all that we are. Through Sowilu, our unconscious can merge more fully with our early awareness, giving us a taste of our greatest power.

The body emphasis of Uruz, along with seeing the divinity of the self in Sowilu gives us a rare vantage point to see ourselves in perfect cosmic alignment. The planet’s view this week takes that analogy all the way home. Life Betwixt - Essays on Allies in the Everyday and Shamanism Among (Book 2in the Intentional Insights Blog-to-Book series), by S. Kelley HarrellWhere Uruz is the body and Sowilu is the soul, Mannaz is the mind. This alignment has never happened before, with The Weekly Rune. In this personal cosmology we have perfect support for who we are, at our deepest levels, now.

Mannaz is the mental layer of our being, concerned with exposure to new groups, ideas, and perspectives. A philosophy, culture, truth, or state of being that we think we should be further along in understanding or have misgivings about–go there, now. Put it all out on the table. Ask the hard questions of self, do the work to complete the social and interpersonal learning that’s need at this time. What the Earth needs of us now requires that each of us do this work, implying that it serves not just ourselves to do it. We all benefit from each of us knowing ourselves and purpose, better.

This week we have all that we are in the spotlight, to grow and shine in the knowledge that All Things supports this work.

Read the full runecast.