For the week of 12 February 2017

Divinity, a self-check, and caution.

Algiz is the half-month stave through 13 February, at which point Sowilo (Sowilu) moves to the fore until 27 February. Laguz reversed is the intuitive stave, and Algiz reversed indicates the planet’s message to us. Read right to left is Sowilo, then Laguz reversed, followed by Algiz reversed.

The half-month rune is set by the runic calendar, and governs for a tad over two weeks. The intuitive stave (meaning, I draw it blind) indicates the life force most available to us, which brings the focus of the half-month rune into sharper focus for the present week. It suggests how we can handle these energies. The planetary stave (also a blind draw) indicates the state and needs of the planet.

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For the last two weeks, Algiz has shown us what protection is needed to be who we are in the world, and how our formulation of self-protection is inclusive of the spirits we frequent, and the beings we love. This awareness, relationship, and practice segue nicely into Sowilo, which closes the second ætt. Meaning “sun,” this stave calls to mind the force behind the sun, which shines on us, so that we may shine on others. In that light (pun), it’s about divinity and remembering our place in it, that we are it.

As such, Sowilo brings a certain pause, a recognition of the closing of something, and awareness of another coming in. Moreover, it highlights how the two are related, and that we need to sustain momentum even in transition. At such junctures we become keenly aware of not focusing on outcomes and beginnings, but on how we sustain divinity within, throughout.

The Runic Calendar - February - by S. Kelley Harrell, Soul Intent ArtsLaguz reversed implies that we’re not in sync with what the elements can provide, at this time, and that we will need to self-check emotions around this. There is a way to move forward. There is a way to re-sync with natural flow and stay abreast with it. Once we can stop feeling [ashamed, frustrated, angry, stupid, fill in the blank] about being out of joint, we will be able to find that flow, balance into it, and regain needed balance for the current demands.

Algiz reversed brings the planet’s message to us, and it speaks of a need for caution. When it’s upright (brightstave), this rune means protection. While these can seem somewhat like the same thing, they don’t come from the same place, energetically. The difference is, protection indicates an active stance that we can take, because we can, because we are capable of doing so, because it’s well-rounded wisdom to embody. Caution indicates a need to take care, because something is going on that we need to employ defense to thwart.

Whatever is on the horizon that seems shaky, is. And consider that the shakiness may be on our end, not in the dynamic before us. Just stay aware when the thing as it’s presented doesn’t match the way the thing feels. Honor instincts around this, and take the steps needed to ground into known protections and power. It’s not a time to try new tactics, though employing the Home Spirits in a more thorough manner may just be the trick.

This week is favored for understanding what power we have, have always had, and always will have. Actually remembering that fact and holding space with it is the challenge. We’ll be a bit on our own in doing that for now, as the elements will feel distant despite that they are within reach. We need to be careful about things that don’t jive.

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Originally published on Soul Intent Arts.