Sowilo – Sun – Sowilo – Sun – It’s telling that the stave presenting itself as the North Hemisphere moves into darkness, as the Southern Hemisphere moves into the light, is Sowilo. Impressive, how our vantage point of the sun determines so much about our lives!

Samhain, by the books, was this past Friday. The period that follows it, though, The Dark Time, spans until Winter Solstice. It’s a figurative thirteenth month, a time out of ordinary observation, when our awareness is heightened and we have the rare opportunity  for Nature to serve us up to raw consciousness. Maybe the veil does get thinner, now–it’s always thin to me. One thing I have witnessed time and again, this time of year we are etherically thinner. We are more receptive and awake.  That the sun lends its vacuous connections to that mix this week is telling.

In this way, when we look at the sun, we become aware that we are part of the life it imparts. Source behind it shines through on us, so that we may shine on others. This is our most perfect destiny, as much as our legacy, and this week we are reminded that we are part of a fathomless channel of consciousness.

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