The Weekly Rune - Sowilo- Intentional Insight's by S. Kelley HarrellSowilo – Sun – This cast brings the second appearance of Sowilo as we enter this cycle’s Dark Time.  I’ve never drawn the Rune of light once during the Dark Time. Twice is, indeed, telling.

It’s no accident that cats  can locate the smallest patch of sunlight, curl themselves to fit it almost precisely, and extract every second of warmth from it for the coziest of naps. Such precision and creature comfort is the tone of Sowilo, at this time.

This year has been tough on a lot of people, financially, socially, physically, mentally. A lot of work has gone into mere survival. For many of us, the same amount of effort goes into rest. We just don’t give ourselves a break, or the ability to enjoy a natural reprieve. Likewise, Nature doesn’t often offer them.

Sowilo offers a safe, snug ray of light to rest on, for now. Allow the resourcefulness of cats at this time. Find the places where you can find respite, perhaps warmth. Give yourself the opportunity to accept the breaks you’re given, and use them to express gratitude, to regain strength, and to muse on what comes next.

The Runic Wheel of the Year, Soul Intent ArtsAlas, even cats know the sun slips away. Such is Nature, cycles, timing. When the skies part and offer you a blessing in the form of rest, take it. Don’t push through and keep working. Don’t spin on what you should have done, and how you can do it all better. Those are constants. Good, bad, or indifferent, they are our standard mode of operation. Step out of rote patterning and take this time for yourself, to lie back and dream. As you know, through dreams come our most profound insights into ourselves, life, and our deepest desires.

Kick back and play hookie, because as sure as the sun rises, it sets. Claim your path of sunlight, recharge, and boldly carrying that renewed life force, persevere into change.