The Weekly Rune - Sowilo- Intentional Insight's by S. Kelley HarrellSowilo – Sun – How telling that we draw the Rune of light as the North embarks upon the Dark Time, and the South emerges back into light. Apart from initial dips of seasonal change, we’re also nearing the next Mercury retrograde, which astrologer, Gary Caton, refers to as our opportunity to make the unconscious conscious. It is perhaps this nuance of Sowilo that most benefits us, now.

Traditionally, this Rune reminds us, not just of the sun, but the power beyond it. As we marvel at the sun’s abilities to inspire life on Earth, we draw light from it so that we can shine on others. Such is the connection of All Things, as well as our collective purpose.

Light is, of course, not without shadow. In mere blinding rays, how well do we really see? What depth, subtlety, or even meaning is available to us under intense glare?

The same can be said of awareness. Often what we most seek to know is least knowable. For now, what we most need to realize about ourselves won’t be in the details, the lists, the planning, and perhaps not even in intuition.  Rather, it comes from a spark of insight, a fleeting flash that hints a need to go deeper not where our hallows are well lit, but into our unique darkness.

At this time, it is counter-intuition that best informs. Looking directly into the sun blinds us to what most needs to be seen. Indeed, enjoy the light. Celebrate its ability to dazzle the shadows of our lives, then carry the power of the light into the darkness. What we find there leads to our real power.

The Runic Wheel of the Year, Soul Intent ArtsCheck the places where you have allowed your intuition become rote. Truth rarely informs from what we think we know, but from what we’d never imagined.