Sowilo- Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune by S. Kelley HarrellSowilo – Sun – Ah, the rising sun! After a steady pattern of  stop, go, duck, who doesn’t welcome a sunrise? Take it as a brilliant nod from Source that All is in accordance, that  the job has been well done.

I imagine that we, too, are all about well done at this point. The last few months have been action-packed and consciousness-shifting.

The presence of Sowilo (or Sowilu) at this time means we have persevered through hardship, and truly mastered the work. Whatever has been pressing, its breakthrough and recently revealed wisdom are lasting.  This final Rune of the second aett tells us we can accept this eureka! moment as real, and enjoy the reprieve that follows.

The thing about sunrise is it indicates time to get up, to become active again. Rest is done, and it’s time to get on with the day.

Take the time to celebrate your current victory, to revel in the moments of quiet time. Be fully present in looking back over the last few months, owning the process that brought you to this point, and carrying the insight of that experience into what comes next. Enjoy, though don’t lose yourself in that revelry. We rest to honor and heal from what we have come, so that we can be ready to move forward implementing that wisdom.

The sun rises to provide us energy, to illuminate clarity. Sit with the revelation this dawn has to offer, bless it, then proceed, knowing you can now see it in a completely different light.


I’d like to thank everyone for your wonderful support of the Weekly Rune column.  Because of its wonderful reception, the Huffington Post has picked it up as a feature. Just short of its first birthday, this is great news!