Raidho – travel – Well, that’s never happened before.  The Weekly Rune has never presented a Rune, then its reversed position the next week. Most interesting about this is the promise of forward movement Raidho brought last week, and altered focus on detours this week. Note the photo shows Raidho brightstave.

Just to recap, this stave indicates how we tell our story, how we get from here to there, and all the details between. Reversed, of course, the story becomes something totally different. Instead of emphasizing the greater plot, arcs, and characters, it becomes more about plot twists, red herrings, and the deus ex machina.  When discussing how we like our literature, these elements keep us engaged, intrigued, and passionately raw. However, when we think of them in terms of our lives, we don’t want to live a dramatic page-turner.

For some this may mean a very static, boring week of the writer’s block variety. For others, it may mean re-examining details we’d rather be done with. For others, still, the focus may be gutting the story, re-writes, and unflattering feedback. Certainly one facet of how we share ourselves with the world depends on relationships, so those most related to our truths will be in the spotlight, now.

While Raidho de-emphasizes major plot elements of our truth, it forces us to focus on smaller, subtler aspects that we’d likely otherwise not even notice–until they become disruptive. This little detour isn’t a distraction, but an opportunity to fine tune the elements and influences that shape our stories–the threads of wyrd weaving into our own. Raidho challenges us beyond telling the story we think we want, to living the one that’s really ours.

This isn’t a hold up in the greater masterpiece of our lives. One way or the other, the story will be told. It can’t not be. That’s the consistency of Raidho–whatever position it falls in, the story that needs to be told, will. In the reversed position, it gives us clarity on the person who’s telling it.