Weekly Rune - Perthro - Intentional Insights

Perthro – chance – Most people ascribe the meaning “luck” to Perthro, though I find that our modern definition of luck doesn’t come close to describing Perthro’s meaning. Most often when you hear someone discuss luck, the common understanding of it is a random force that may work to our advantage, or send us packing. However, an older understanding of luck falls more along the lines of a system, a force that ebbs and flows, and our ability to be in touch with that system and know how to read it determines our success or failure. Very different perspective, which is why I assert Perthro more along the lines of chance, as in ‘opportunity.’

With every potential for gain, our job is to know our limitations as impeccably as we know our strengths.  In that light, Perthro speaks of risk, control, and time, all variables with which the human ego struggles. For that reason, we  bring our attention to the process.

Futhark_RSSx150In ancient Norse terms, that process comprised the role of the Norns. The Norns are the Norse keepers of fate: Urdhr, what has become; Verdhandi, what is becoming; and Skuld, what should become.  These influences are how we perceive cause and effect in our lives, how we relate to the process as also being the tool by which we accomplish it. The fact that we can examine past actions, plan every little detail, yet still not know how things will turn out–though be assured that they will turn out some way–is the emphasis. Perthro’s purpose is to make us question, to offer the affirmation of control over the events of our lives, yet remind us there are also other forces at work over which we have no control.

With Perthro, we realize that we have as much control as we do not. What is before us now is the change that is always the same. The riddle we constantly mine for meaning and outcome is the truth we are never sure we know.

With this Rune comes the whisper that what determines luck isn’t the outcome of our efforts, but how we react to the outcome. When we own failure as compassionately as we hold success, perhaps that is how we create luck for later endeavors.

Go into this week knowing that the more connected with All Things we are, the more likely we will identify success in whatever we do, whatever the outcome.

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