Perthro – chance – Clients laugh when I call Perthro the “What do you think?” Rune. I can never tell if it’s because they think I’m joking, or if it’s nervous laughter in anticipation of having to divulge what they really think. In truth, that awkward uncertainty is the very essence of Perthro. Note that the stave is pictured brightstave.

Reversed, as Perthro is this week, it takes on a very personal tone.  While its meaning is hotly debated,  regarded as luck, birth, secret, and even dice cup, each of these possibilities brings its element of mystery to the fore, and emphasizes forces coming together to an outcome. What outcome, we don’t know, and we can’t know.

Significant to me about this Rune is its cobbling of mystery with effort, without knowing what will be. In that light, Perthro speaks of chance, and perhaps even more so of faith.

It isn’t about the dues we’ve paid, just desserts, or the rote churning out of expected behaviour. This week something from within changes the story, and sheds deeper insight not just on where we’re going, but why we want to go there. Indeed, what do you think?

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