In light of taking the weekly runic readings a bit deeper, I’m including the half-month rune, in addition to the stave drawn for this week. Reading both of these runes gives the outlook a bit more complexity, and incorporates the natural time cycle of the runes. To learn more about how the half-month rune affects The Weekly Rune, read the full runecast at Patreon.

Read right to left, the half-month stave is Eihwaz, with Pertho reversed to its left.

Support The Weekly RuneMany think of Perthro as luck, though chance is perhaps a better modern understanding. We generally think of luck as good or bad, and Perthro–particularly reversed–brings more to the party than that. It plucks the strings of orlog, or “primal law,” comprised of our interaction in the wyrd. In other words, how we’ve lived is what we manifest. Flow with primal law, and before us unfolds a life of synergy and connection. Clash, and conflict prevails.

Reversed, Perthro says that story isn’t going so well. It suggests hope outweighing actual effort that’s been put in for the outcome. Life force is scattered, with too much emphasis on what is coming, rather than on the present.

Now is the time to focus. Laugh, and realize the places where things aren’t coming together well. Revamp, relax, and flow.

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