For the week of 4 March 2016

A second chance with chance, this week.

Tiwaz is the half-month rune through 27 February. Perthro is the intuitive stave. The half-month rune is set by the traditionally accepted runic calendar, and governs for a tad over two weeks. Read right to left is Tiwaz, followed by Perthro. The intuitive stave brings the focus of the half-month rune into sharper focus for the present week.

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Sowilu absolutely brought a balm to the frenetic start of the year. Tiwaz may present a bit of drama, though it’s the entirely manageable kind.

Reclaiming the Runes Intensive by Spirited Paths, Soul Intent ArtsTo learn more about the impact of ending one aett and beginning another, read the full runecast.
With Tiwaz, it’s imperative to switch to Plan B. The challenge in doing so is to deeply realize just how badly Plan A has failed, and that continuing to cling to it will take us down with it. Chances are, Plan B isn’t brand new. It’s some alternative we thought of long ago and kept on the back burner in case of emergency. This week the alarm button is hit, and the din sounding us to run is real.
Do not take the elevator.
Invite the legwork of the stairs and let the alternate plan that’s been brewing bloom into consciousness. It’s the one. This avenue opens to a totally new terrain, with all new possibilities.
Perthro underscores the significance of that act. In laymen’s terms, it means “luck,” which is a far cry from its traditional meaning. In the west, luck is good, bad, and nebulous. In the Old Norse culture, was (is) the active position within Orlog, natural law, and wyrd, an elegant presence shaping our path. Stave of the Nornir, Perthro is the multiversal equation of orlog:  wyrd that has gone before + wyrd that is, to create wyrd that can be.
We are the wyrd that is. Significant here is understanding that we can’t change the wyrd of our ancestors. We can however, bless it, release it, own it, just as we do our own. When we can accomplish those things, we become weavers of our wyrd. We become capable of playing an active role in its manifestation, rather than being victims of what it’s always been.
In the riddle of the runes, now is the change that has always been. Now we become who we have always been, ancestor to ourselves.
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