Weekly Rune - Perthro - Intentional Insights

Perthro – chance – Many scholars regard Perthro as “luck,” though I find that our modern definition of the word doesn’t do it justice.  Usually, we think of luck as a random force that may work to our advantage, or suck the wind from our sails. An older understanding of luck falls more along the lines of a system, a force that ebbs and flows. As animistic creatures, we have the ability to be in touch with that system and to know how to read it to determine our success or failure. We can’t control The Force, so to speak, or outcomes, though we can control how in sync we are with The Force.

Reversed, as Perthro is this week, it takes on an even more personal tone. All you have right now is the moment. That’s all we ever have, really, though when Perthro is on the horizon, to live otherwise is to scatter ourselves to the wind. No looking forward to what we can’t know, no looking back at what is no longer. Be. here. now.

Note that the image at left presents the Rune brightstave.

Futhark_RSSx150This week, expect the unexpected.  The second verse is not the same as the first, and we don’t necessarily know how this tune will end.  With Perthro, we realize that we have as much control as we do not. What is before us now is the change that is always the same. The riddle we constantly mine for meaning and outcome is the truth we are never sure we know.

With this Rune comes the whisper that what determines luck isn’t the outcome of our efforts, but how we react to the outcome. When we own failure as compassionately as we hold success, perhaps that is how we create luck for later endeavors.

Go into this week focused, prepared for change, and armed with deep compassion for every present moment.

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