Othala - Intentional Insight's Weekly RuneOthala – property – Take a second and consider how you got exactly where you’re standing at this moment. What did you go through this morning to be presentable, nourished, and capable of holding the space you currently occupy? Now think back to a year ago, five years ago, and what choices you made then that led to this moment. When you’ve sat with that for a moment, consider what choices your parents, their parents, and that of those who came before them, which you brought you to precisely where you are.

What about this moment is working on your behalf? Name it. List it outright in detail, and see the support around you and within you for what it is. Then think about the things that aren’t working, and how you can draw on what sustains the good in your life to make choices that align you better with meeting your needs.

Such introspection with regard to foundation and legacy fall under the domain of Othala. Where Fehu focuses on wealth that we can possess and must tend, Othala is about what of ourselves we inherit, grow, and pass on.  It encourages us to honor our wisdom, its sources, and with whom we share it.

In that light, take some time today to gift someone an uplifting insight that you’ve learned. It may be as simple as a smile, as thorough as a solution, or as gentle as witnessing. This week, share yourself. There’s a reason everything has added up to the current moment, and it’s to pass it on. It’s to honor your own wisdom, and begin creating yourself as an elder of your tradition.

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