Othala - Intentional Insight's Weekly RuneOthala – property – Week before last Othala visited us with a message of keeping things close to home, protecting the familial clan. This week it reminds us the same, however, with a more internal emphasis. The whole point of banding together is strength in numbers, which etherically speaking means impeccably knowing what falls on the inside boundary of the clan, and what lies on the outside. In other words, understand what we are protecting, as clearly as we understand from what we protect it.

Human nature is to demonize the unknown. The fact that it is unknown often exacerbates fear. Once we begin to process what we fear, the object of fear becomes tactile, approachable.   That intimacy doesn’t necessarily mean we can overcome it alone, though it gives us a starting point to gather the clan and come up with a strategy. It allows us an opportunity to reach into our community and find support. As well, being able to hone in on the object of fear eliminates unnecessary worry and angst, the wasting of precious resources.  With refined focus, the object of fear becomes known. That knowledge becomes the domain of the clan, and a plan can be laid and put into action.

This week consider a family concern that seems to be beyond understanding, thus without resolution. Let go of the concern, and look to fear to inform. Ask the spiritual manifestation of that fear to speak its needs, its purpose. When fear is clarified, precious information, wisdom comes. With that wisdom we can not only address the concern at hand, but cache the interaction for future reference, for self, for clan.

Only when we are comfortable with the unknown can we begin making peace with the unknowable.