Othala - Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune

Othala – property– This week we tend the hearth fires, and bring our focus to our immediate clan. This isn’t a time for bold adventures out of the familiar, or for wide eco-centric nurture. Something close to home needs our focus, requires our undivided attention.

Othala is about our direct lineage, distinct to each of us, even within the greater tribe. The steps the ancestors took that resulted in us, the strides we make now to further that legacy rely on our choices, our reactions to the challenges immediately before us.

Know that in dealing with this concern, the wisdom and guidance of the ancestors is with each of us. Realize the responsibility being asked of us, and the inherent finesse we posses in meeting it. Through this rich tradition and our ability to carry it through in our present, not only do we address the pertinent issue, we prosper, we grow.