Othala - Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune

Othala – Property – Othala is the last Rune of the three aetts (though there are feasible arguments that Dagaz is actually the last Rune). While it literally translates to ‘property,’ its implementation is more along the lines of ‘that which we pass on.’ Spiritually speaking, this is wisdom. Othala calls on us to examine the separation between what we know and cherish, and what we don’t know and fear. The only foundation we can stand on to distinguish such is wisdom.

Last week we were asked to scale back and examine our desires more closely. This week we are taking that introspection further. Through Othala we are reminded to call on the wisdom of our ancestors, which may be physical predecessors, previous manifestations of ourselves, the insight of our experiences. The emphasis is that we realize we aren’t alone, and in the process of finding how we move forward, remember that as we draw on what came before, to support, inform, and sustain us, so do we leave behind a precious and informed trail that others will follow.