Othala – property – Othala reminds us of what is most important: where we come from, and where we’re going. Where Fehu brings awareness to wealth that must be tended–assets, and investments–Othala focuses on that which we own, that which in many ways tends us–property we inherit, then pass on.

Most regard Othala as the final Rune in the third aett, though some scholars position it elsewhere. Regardless of where it’s located, the agreement of its emphasis on inheritance remains the focus  (Do comment if you have thoughts on its alternate placements!).

Spiritually speaking, it calls our attention to the wisdom of our ancestors. The insight of those who went before us–people in our own blood line who have endured similar trials, overcome them, then moved through the rest of their lives enriched for it–is something we really can’t overlook if we want to live in the present. It sounds odd, doesn’t it? Look back to see where we’re going. Isn’t that what ancestors are for? We are merely the living manifestations of our family lines. We can either stumble blindly through the same patterns over and over, or we can invite some higher awareness from loved ones who are merely waiting to be asked to share.

In the family lines of Othala what becomes quickly obvious is the point of power: us.  We are part of the wise legacy we were born into. We are informed and have valid contributions to make to our own experience, to that of those around us, and that of those who come after us. While it entails the pattern of looking back to make choices for now, that affect the future, Othala makes us be present. It makes us deal with our crap, so that we can see ourselves as informed support in our own council.

The memo with Othala is patterns are life. We can either bring out best game to them, or not so much. Either, way, we are charged with the continual task of tending our assets, on every level. Be strong. Othala is telling us not only that we can take care of the needs before us now, but that we can be prepared for those that are coming.

What we heal now obviously benefits us. It also leaves our family lines and the world in better shape for those who follow us.

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