Othala - Intentional Insight's Weekly RuneOthala – property – When Othala last appeared as The Weekly Rune  mid-November, it was reversed. This time it’s murk-stave (face down), and the timing and position of the stave now is curious to me, as life feels as frenetic as it was those weeks leading into the holidays. Note that the image shows Othala upright, or bright-stave.

Most regard Othala as the final Rune in the third aett, though some scholars position it elsewhere. Regardless of where it’s located, the agreement of its emphasis on inheritance remains the focus  (Do comment if you have thoughts on its alternate placements!).

Othala reminds us of what is most important. Where Fehu brings awareness to wealth that must be tended–assets, and investments–Othala focuses on that which we own, that in many ways tends us–our property, that which we inherit, then pass on.

Spiritually speaking, it calls our attention to the wisdom of our ancestors, and calls us to own ourselves as part of that wise legacy. In other words, Othala makes us deal with our crap, so that we can see ourselves as informed support in our own council.

Specifically murk-stave, it forces us to deal with what smothers us–possessions, beliefs, thought processes, etc. That seems easy enough, doesn’t it? The problem with that simplistic observation is, we’re usually smothered because we prefer the hell we know. We’re afraid to change. We’re afraid of how changing will challenge our relationships, our status quo.

Now’s the time to choose whether we can continue the rote patterning that has brought us to crisis, or if we can stand in the pain and power of catharsis and step from it into transformation. Nothing less than radical honesty is required, now. All forces available to use are saying, “If you can step out of habit and into personal truth, we can help carry you.” Choosing to stay in the same old patterns and gnashing of teeth… Well, we’re on our own.

Allow the disjoint.  Feel the discomfort only as long as it needs expression, then let it go. Find what’s on the other side of it, because the feeling that comes next is the one that leads to your True Self.