Nauthiz - Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune by S. Kelley Harrell

Read right to left, Nauthiz and Laguz, reversed

Nauthiz – Need – We keep seeing this Rune, yes? Week before last Nauthiz came up, and we saw it a few weeks before that. This repetition indicates circling around a need that is unfulfilled, that must be filled before movement is possible.

To clarify the essence of this need I drew a second Rune–Laguz – Water. Laguz is the mutable, emotional element, the realization of abundance, the indicator of All Things flowing as Nature intends.

In this reading, Laguz is reversed, which means we’re holding back from what feels right. The only motivator powerful enough to interfere with intuitive rightful action is fear. Our nature is to drift in the stream.  Our only task is to stay aligned with our authenticity and continue making choices in support of that wild self. The stream carries us down the array of options.

The only reason anyone ever swims against the current is because they feel unsupported by it. Swimming against the flow is demanding, and in its own right scary. The fright of feeling that the elements are against us only compounds the original fear that led us to question right movement. It becomes a PTSD reaction that locks us in.

When we feel the Multiverse isn’t supporting us, we question our ability to meet our own needs. We doubt ourselves, which causes us to withhold our abundance.

My mother says, “Water seeks its own level.” It can’t be lost. It can’t be withheld, at least not for long. Water will always return to its source, and source is home. The same is true for our ever unfolding path of making choices. We can’t make a wrong choice. All we can do is continue making the best choice from the options we have available at any moment.

This reading encourages us to examine what has us disillusioned, and because of the relationship between Nauthiz and Laguz in this spread, this particular hindrance is known. We aren’t working against a mystery foe.  We’ve done the work to cull out what the fear is. The job now is facing it, blessing it, then setting it down and walking away.

What we need is right in front of us–Nauthiz assures this. Closing the distance (inches, not miles) to claim it lies in our ability to let the flow carry us toward that fulfillment.

We are bigger than our fears. When we can face them, release them, and relax back into the stream, our needs are met. As we go through this week, let’s hold ourselves gently and keep moving.

Surrender. You really will be OK.

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