Mannaz - Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune by S. Kelley Harrell

Mannaz, upright

Mannaz – human– It’s probably no surprise that the week is setting up some interesting challenges. Mannaz is about how we connect with people, and in some cases mortality, the experience of being human. Reversed, as it is in this reading, we are challenged to consider how our formed experience is currently playing out.

Specifically, don’t expect any help right now. Whatever is going on, it’s not going to be resolved this week, but it’s possible to gain valuable insight about the dynamic. Hold the heart focus very gently this week. A concern of Mannaz reversed is overthinking, overprobing, becoming so involved that focus is lost.

As Mannaz is about humanity, it’s a Rune that particularly calls out our animistic roots. Indeed, we are our best vantage point of experience in form, yet we are not limited to ourselves. We are all connected; thus, we can step out of our personal experience and observe from collective insight. This is expressly the awareness that Mannaz reversed encourages. Now is not the time to sink into a singular, isolated, possibly egotistic viewpoint. In fact, it would be quite counterproductive to do so. Take the time to learn how allies see the situation–and I don’t mean polling friends on the best move to make. I mean, ask Source to show Its perspective of the situation. Ask a totem to share its insight on things. Become the wind and feel how significant this heart concern is from its observation.

Our charge this week is to get ourselves out of the equation, and appeal to wider, more aware sources to expand our viewpoints on what matters to us most.

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