For the week of  24 July 2016

Change the mind, change the life.

Four Weekly Runecasts for $5, Soul Intent ArtsUruz is the half-month rune through 29 July.  Mannaz reversed is the intuitive stave, and Eihwaz is the stave indicating the planet’s needs. Read right to left is Uruz, Mannaz reversed, followed by Eihwaz.

The half-month rune is set by the runic calendar, and governs for a tad over two weeks. The intuitive stave indicates the life force most available to us, which brings the focus of the half-month rune into sharper focus for the present week. It suggests how we can handle these energies. The planetary stave indicates the state of the planet.

Following is a summary of The Weekly Rune. Read the full runecast for more details on how these runes impact human life force over the next week, and how to best manage the curves and twists.

Reclaiming the Runes Preview Course, Spirited Paths, by Soul Intent ArtsFor two weeks, Mannaz has presented, emphasizing the mind. Along with it, Uruz sustains emphasis on the body, still supporting our personal cosmology. Related to the Jötun, Auðhumla (Auðhumbla), the feminine divine in the guise of the auroch, associations with body, wellbeing, and wild potential are the focus.

To learn more about Uruz, read the full runecast. Have it delivered to you first, four times a month, for as little as $5!

Uruz reminds us this is a natural time to expect and find physical support. It’s a time that the body’s ability to self-heal is exalted, and any changes we implement toward that goal will be fortified by the elements.

Life Betwixt - Essays on Allies in the Everyday and Shamanism Among (Book 2in the Intentional Insights Blog-to-Book series), by S. Kelley Harrell

Perhaps because the body is so well supported, the mind has some reorganization to do, which is the role of Mannaz. In five years, this stave has only presented reversed in our cast once, which was last December. It may be helpful to examine what we were focused on then, for clues about how to resolve now.

Mannaz reversed as the descriptor of life force most available to us now indicates not only a cut off from external social support, but a need to generate a change in how we think. No calvary is riding in to clear up cluttered thoughts and assert functional re-organization. We are called upon to be both demolitioner and architect. Only we, ourselves, can change our minds.

That’s where the planet’s need and advice comes in. Eihwaz is called the death rune. It’s the corner that must be turned. Nature doesn’t fight itself, and this is the key teaching of this week. What’s lovely about Eihwaz is its assured improved outcome, without knowing where it leads.

The planet doesn’t fear change, it just bears the work of changing. So must be.

Use the body’s strength and support to let the mind go free. Delve into its needs by opting to step out of the current dynamic. To remain in it will only generate more conflict.

Realizing the need for change and allowing it are the key steps to surrendering to what comes next. It may come instantly and with clarity. It may slink in quietly and without drama. How it comes isn’t as important as being open to allowing the change.

Read the full runecast.