Mannaz - Weekly Rune on Intentional Insights, by S. Kelley Harrell

Mannaz – human– Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it, and solicit all the help you can to sustain the momentum.  This week isn’t about acting alone, being the star, or any other solitary victories.  Sure, this is your life, and it all comes down to your choices, actions, and energy, though your ability to be successful with any of that sources from your ability to connect.

Nobody can do it for you, that’s a given. So, neither hero antics, nor suffering in martyred silence are necessary. Get up, get out, and do. Engage. Talk about your plans. Share your insights. Get insightful feedback. Listen.  Give insightful feedback. Be genuinely interested in what others have to say, about your plans, as well as their own.

The message is that you can get there, wherever ‘there’ is, possibly this week. You can be done with what’s on your plate. The way this happens is by becoming authentically involved.  The energy created from your liaisons with others not only manifests your desires, it also fosters the desires of others to manifest.

This is how creation happens. This is how the actions of one affect All. This is how we come together to be community for each other.  This is how we remember we were never separate.