Weekly Rune - Laguz, by S. Kelley Harrell, Intentional InsightsLaguz – Water – Interesting that I’ve written this column since June of last year, and I haven’t drawn Laguz until now. What about this timeframe and the elements available to us makes flow a more pressing concept to bring into our awareness?

The mutable, emotional element, Laguz is the realization of abundance, the indicator of All Things flowing as Nature intends. That sounds all nice and tidy, though the water element is anything but. When we think of flow, most of us envision a stream, neat current framed by boundaries,  picturesque evidence that life goes on regardless of debris in the way. We forget that it can be torrential, smothering, devastating, and overwhelming when its boundaries change.  However presented, though, of how the space around water is defined by it. Every stone, shell, grain of sand,  blade of grass, animal, perhaps human, in its vicinity is shaped by how water moves along its path.

Take time this week to consider how your emotions are driving you, and how you can move with them. We often resist feelings that are too intense, too heavy, too wet. We create tight boundaries to keep them in check, when sometimes they just need to spill over, be messy, saturate. What we can’t feel won’t heal, and the presence of Laguz informs us that now is the time. As in the Buddhist practice of tonglen ,we can let feelings come up, breathe in their utter distress, and upon exhaling intend compassion, for self, for All.

In truth, we can breathe through and release pent up feelings anytime, though Laguz announces to us that specifically now, the flow of life around us can carry them away.  The ally of water helps us do that work.