Weekly Rune - Laguz, by S. Kelley Harrell, Intentional InsightsLaguz – Water – I’m seeing an interesting pattern with Laguz. The last two times it presented as The Weekly Rune, Mercury was retrograde.  This week it arrives merkstave, though it is pictured brightstave. Despite being home-free of the morass MercR brings, this connection begs us pause.

The prevailing idea here is something else must come to pass before what we’re working on at the moment can manifest. We’re in the groove. We’re flowing, we’re trundling through our paces, paying our dues, entering the home stretch.  We know we’ve got this. So what’s the problem?

Anytime this symbol of flow shows up merkstave, we’re missing part of the picture. We’re so hyper-focused on a passion project that we’re not covering the bases of our heart’s needs.  It can be so easy to miss this, when we’re otherwise hitting on all cylinders. After all, actively experiencing connection with All Things feels that way, yes? Why would we detour, at all?

Well, because Laguz merkstave says to. That’s its purpose. We’re still going to reach the finish line. This stave merely cautions us to take care of this other little heart thing along the way.

It feels like a distraction. In terms of focus, it likely is a distraction. However, without giving attention back to the inner compass, we can’t reach the finish line–no matter how convinced we are that we’re perfectly aligned with that outcome.

Futhark_RSSx150Just as the elements are rallying around us to manifest this passion project, so do they ally with us to make this pit stop.  Remember, this little memo wouldn’t be announcing itself if it didn’t put us in direct contact with deep, unconscious drives to fulfill our desires. It is right.

You’re doing the right thing. Hold that thought, and do a self-check of the heart for the stamina to see it through.

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