Weekly Rune - Laguz, by S. Kelley Harrell, Intentional InsightsLaguz – Water – I often encounter Laguz reversed, during Mercury retrograde, as it is now. The double affirmation not to over reach is always a good one, though at this time, it’s law.  Note that the image at left shows Laguz brightstave.

Laguz is a comfy Rune. Watery, feminine, and intuitive, it speaks to our primal imperative to always point home.  There is a saying, ‘water always finds its level,’ meaning, no matter what storm moves through, how violently water is stirred, or where land dries to drought, water finds its still nature. It will always find its way back to its source.

Anytime this symbol of flow shows up, we can at least take heart that the elements rally around us, just as they need to However, when reversed, the emphasis becomes, finding where we are rallying against them. Are we forcing outcomes? Are we misleading ourselves in some way?

Laguz reversed prompts us to examine what is out of sync in our lives, and should prompt thoughts on how to get in the groove. It puts us in direct contact with deep, unconscious drives. This inner connection can feel discombobulating when we’re off track, and especially so if we’re not even sure what our track is, or should be

The message here is that the tide isn’t suitable. Whatever you want, put it down and step aside. However you stacked the dominoes, they’re not going to patter out into the pretty pattern.  The wall you keep crashing into, the tension, it’s real. Honor it, and find a way to trust the tide to carry you through it, or get out of the water. Don’t let the current dynamic drift you further from your heart’s desire.

We often forget that we don’t have to go through with things. We don’t have to hurtle headlong toward assured disaster. We are meant to be informed counsel on our own spiritual dream teams. We are intended to stop ourselves from self-destructing.

Futhark_RSSx150Take some time this week to realize your strengths. One of the greatest ones is realizing all of your options, and making creative choices. The elements support you doing so.  Align with them.

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