Weekly Rune - Laguz, by S. Kelley Harrell, Intentional InsightsLaguz – Water –  Fascinating that Laguz visits as mere miles from me Chapel Hill is flooded with more rain to come, while across the country in Arizona, wild fires blaze out of control. In that light some greater bid for balance comes to mind, and the ever-humbling knowledge that humanity is but one tiny component of Nature.

Weather shamanism  is all about balance–not controlling rain or shine, but coming into concert with Nature in a way that the atmosphere isn’t just predictable, but the inner scape healthily adapts to it. Thus, when the inner being is tamed, surrounding elements rally in support. Balance is attained. Indeed, Laguz reminds us of the fact that it is our nature to go with the flow, a feat more challenging than just ego surrender.

In order to go with the flow we must be in balance internally, as well as externally. We must be able to release and trust the elements to carry us, without controlling where we go. How many times can we reinvent ourselves along the passage to faith? How many shadows, insecurities, and fears can we confront in the narrow gap between the realization that change is needed and the acceptance of it? A whole lot more than most of us would care to admit, I’m certain.

The surrender Laguz brings isn’t in masterminding a needed outcome or reaching a coveted conclusion, but in letting go in order for it to find us. Laguz reminds us keenly that it isn’t about the destination, but the journey, that when we let go, what we need is already there.

This week consider your relationship to Nature, and honestly assess how well your inner processes surrender to those seeking to provide support around you. Stop fighting the current. Whatever the circumstances, regardless of the weather, let go of what does not serve you and let it carry you.