Nauthiz - Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune by S. Kelley HarrellKenaz – Torch – With Kenaz we’re back to the first aett, but not the beginning.  We are moving forward with more information than we had a week ago.

Though pictured upright, this week’s Rune was actually  drawn reversed.  Kenaz is about lighting the darkness.  Reversed, I describe it as a speck of light in pitch dark–not exactly lit, but not total oblivion, either.  Whatever you did to get out of the rut and see your circumstances differently, it worked. Whatever direction revealed itself to you last week, you saw it. You can’t unsee it, and you can’t ignore that you glimpsed how what is weighing on you right now is going to go down.  You now know exactly what it’s going to take to get you where you want to be.  It hit you like a ton of bricks, allowing a peek into the bliss and the ramifications of not going forward with this new information.  Changing direction now would not only delay your needed outcome, it will also set back needed momentum for standing in your truth.

It doesn’t have to be all rock-and-hard-place, though.  Yes, you saw what has to happen for you to complete what you’ve started.  Face that you didn’t like [all of] what you saw and get past that, period.   Do not mistake that how you feel in the moment about what lies ahead is more important than actually doing what you know you must.  Process the feelings and go.  

Support from the Multiverse is abundant right now.  In Tuesday’s (the 9th)  Saturn-Neptune Trine there is great support for you to move to the next step, and have it bless you in a stirring, clearing way.  As well, Jupiter, the sign denoting the best of what we have to offer, is retrograde until January.  This means you have an excellent opportunity to really dig deep and figure out how to put your best forward.

The snapshot of this moment is you distilled to your best traits and skills, literally with the Multiverse at your disposal to help you do this thing.  On your mark, get set…

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