Kenaz - Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune by S. Kelley HarrellKenaz – Torch – The Runes emerging over the last few weeks indicate a pattern of wrestling with inner loss; thus, the emergence of Kenaz as merkstave sheds deeper light on that trend–pardon the pun.  Merkstave, as it is this week, we are challenged to befriend darkness for the moment. Note that Kenaz is brightstave in the image.

A couple of core meanings are associated with this Rune.  It most often regarded as a spark of hope, or enlightenment, out of the blue. Where Hagalaz is unexpected external change, Kenaz is the internal inspiring flame. Thus, a direction toward change is made evident from the shadows.

Another layer to this Rune references a ‘boil,’ or more specifically a blemish, that which is inflamed and restrained.  Suffering secret pain, a buried hurt is a motivating fire, all its own.

Merkstave, though, subtler hues emerge. When I was about seven or eight, a teacher gave an example of holding on to too much. He presented a Mason jar half-filled with glittering pennies, and asked a participant to take as many pennies as she wanted. She reached into the jar and grabbed a handful of pennies, only her hand was so full that her fist wouldn’t fit back through the jar’s opening. Alas, no pennies for her.

When she reached in and took one-at-a-time, she truly could have as many pennies as she wanted. The point of the demonstration was,  if we’re too busy clinging for dear life to habit without exploring better-suited options, we’ll never enjoy choice, freedom, grooving with the flow. Specifically, we can ask for all the gifts of the Multiverse all day, but if our hands are too full of what we’re afraid to put down, we can never receive those gifts.

It’s a little rudimentary but this presentation perfectly represents Kenaz merkstave. In order to have what you want right now, you’re going to have to let to, period. This isn’t even about letting go of what isn’t needed, so much as just letting go–the state of openness, emptiness, and for now, alone-ness, which may or may not include loneliness.


Don’t turn away from what Kenaz shows you this week. See it for what it is, and do what is required of you to let it go.

Bless it.
Thank it.
Love it, and let it move on to its destiny.

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