Kenaz – Torch – As we emerge from Mercury retrograde, Kenaz merkstave arrives in time to put things into perspective. Usually regarded as meaning a spark of hope or enlightenment out of the blue, the emphasis of this stave is awareness emerging from pitch black. Note that Kenaz is brightstave in the photo.

As we enter this final harvest week of the season, it’s appropriate that our thoughts be focused on what we have gleaned from it. In the pagan tradition that I resonate with, Samhain doesn’t mark the new year; rather, it only marks the end of the year. The new year doesn’t begin until several weeks later at Winter Solstice, leaving us outside regular time for a bit. To me, that makes this final harvest holy day the true giving of thanks, the season of mining from the last year how to move forward into the new one. Such is the inspiration of Kenaz. Such is its wisdom.

This week consider what has inspired you this year, and how you will use it to create your heart’s desire in the next.

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