For the week of 24 September 2017

The mind-body harvest.

Kenaz is the half-month stave through 28 September. Uruz reversed is the intuitive stave, and Mannaz indicates Nature’s message to us. Read right to left is Kenaz, Uruz reversed, then Mannaz.

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The half-month rune is set by the runic calendar, and governs for a tad over two weeks (a fortnight). The intuitive stave (meaning, I draw it blind) indicates the life force most available to us, which brings the focus of the half-month rune into sharper focus for the present week. It suggests how we can handle these energies. The planetary stave (also a blind draw) indicates the state and needs of the planet, and where noted, of Nature, well beyond the earthly sphere. If you’re curious about how I do the cast every week, catch a couple of Instagram videos I do explaining the intention behind The Weekly Rune, and what makes it different from other ways of casting.

Still working through the magickal manifestation formula of the last couple of months, we’re in the final stages of grasping how it can all come together. Can I just say I have grumbly feelings about the word “manifestation?” It’s gotten such poor use in the New Age vernacular–as so many things have–that I cringe when I say or hear it. It’s become synonymous with pulling a wanted outcome out of a hat, when in its original use meant to demonstrate, or to display through action. In other words, it relied on action; it didn’t happen without it. There was no sense of entitlement or magickal bestowal. Manifestation meant results through work, which is what we’ve been talking about for these last few weeks.

Influenced first by Ansuz, with electing how we name things, we arrived at Raidho, or storytelling, then on to Kenaz, where we choose to ascribe meaning to our story.

Soothsaying + Storytelling = Meaning

Ansuz + Raidho = Kenaz

We discussed how Kenaz evokes a sense of something finally long-held back having burned to the surface. Now that we’re in the second week of it, we likely have some choices to make, and given the framing runes in the cast, they focus on mind-body concerns. We’re also likely fried from the process of having held the insight back, and now regrouping to know what to do with it.

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Each of us should take time this week to let the elements of the season work through us. The Equinox is a time of  balance, as light and dark as as close to equal in the course of the day as they can be. For the full Equinox runecast, the Seidrkin level of my Patreon runework.

Uruz reversed suggests extra care be taken for the body, at this time. Rest. Rejuvenate. Do one less thing than is needed. Turn in an hour earlier. Say no. Whatever the process manifestation has taken to this point, it’s burning off more than it’s giving. Now isn’t the time to re-assess the process, itself, and how to do it better. Just drop back a bit. Do less, and for now, it will be more.

Mannaz as the voice of Nature on the matter suggests we enlist the input of others. A social rune, Mannaz is about gaining new intellectual insights, allowing different and new consciousness to influence directions. For most of us that means putting ourselves in new social settings. It can also mean do the homework. Instead of working self into the ground physically or playing out the same ruts for how to get things done, allow new insight to show a new way.

For this week, preservation of body is called for, alongside allowing the mind to blossom in a new way. A bit of recovery is required before moving on, even if the burn to do something with Kenaz’s insight has taken over.

It’s homework time, and this time it calls for rest and allowing new influences.



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