Kenaz - Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune by S. Kelley HarrellKenaz – Torch – A complex Rune, Kenaz, its meaning calls us to examine the flame in our lives. On the surface it seems easy to recognize the places that are lit,particularly when we examine what is most dark. Sometimes even the tiniest flicker blazes bright and illuminating, when we’re surrounded in darkness.

Another layer to this Rune references a ‘boil,’ or more specifically a blemish, that which is inflamed and restrained. The pain of suffering buried hurt is no less a wound, an impediment, than navigating in darkness.

Futhark_RSSx150 Consider this week what sore spots need to be revealed. Likely a specific concern already flickering on the radar, make the choice to give it voice, listen, and let it be laid bare. There is deep, clear enlightenment here, that can’t be revealed until  some measure of light is shone.  While it may be challenging to process, it will not overwhelm. One of the hallmarks of Kenaz is small, digestible bits of insight, revealed as needed, as processed. What a wonderful opportunity to take stock, make wanted changes.

This Rune comes now as a courtesy, a memo reminding us to actively participate and craft our paths. It’s a tool, giving us control over our assets, which in this case are the little hurts we otherwise ignore on a day-to-day basis. In willfully yet soulfully excising them,  we honor the wound. By shedding light on the causal irritants, we can find meaning in the discomfort and move on. The wound will heal; its wisdom is imparted and applied for new direction.

In the context of this reading, Kenaz is politely saying, “You can make the change, or it will be made for you.”

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