Jera - Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune by S. Kelley Harrell

Jera – Harvest – Many Rune enthusiasts likewise view Jera as “year,” in the understanding of the sun cycle–dreaming, planting, cultivating, reaping, benefiting, giving, dreaming again. When Jera comes up in a cast, the emphasis of that cycle is the harvest, or accounting.

In short, finally there’s payoff! The steps we found the courage to take last week gave us movement, brought clarity, and have challenged us to accept our success. Jera comes at the time that we have reaped the benefits of hard work and find ourselves in a position to make choices in how we move forward with this abundance and awareness.

Here’s the thing: Jera is walk don’t run energy. We’ve just come through a major transformation and finally allowed ourselves to enjoy the good things it gifted us. This isn’t the time to sink into frivolity or drop the momentum. One of the hardest things to do after success is to sustain the pace–neither speed up nor slow down. Hold steady.

In order to maintain evenly, at the end of harvest there are certain acts in which we should engage. Foremost are expressions of gratitude. To make the process really magickal, write them down. Draw them. Be specific, richly detailed. When we artistically convey our dreams into form, our success has become art. We create a physical manifestation of our hard work. Art lives on. It keeps creating, giving.

Likewise, determine what of this prosperity can be spent–that is, re-invested into what helps you sustain momentum now. What part of it must be stored for next year’s planting? What part can be tithed to others in need?

Be realistic. Jera isn’t about pie-in-the-sky expenditures or fist-clenching conservation. It indicates the time to truly, deeply assess where we are on every level of being. Jera encourages us to celebrate our accomplishments, then ground into the plans of what we most want to grow next. In that way, we’re not just reacting to a cycle; rather, we become an active participant in its process.

Jera is the time for gentle movement and radical self-honesty. Reward yourself, preserve yourself, and keep dreaming.

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