Isa - Intentional Insights, Weekly RuneIsa – ice– The last of the winter Runes visits us this week with a message of rest. Be comfortable, because we’re not going anywhere. I generally welcome any message that says I can relax; however, there’s a little more to it than that. This stave doesn’t bring the ‘take a load off’ sort of rest. Rather, it’s an externally imposed examination of limitations.  We all have our limits, through which we cannot pass until we find the momentum to do so from our deepest reserves. Isa comes when it is time to examine those depths.

It’s perhaps more relatable to think of Isa as indicating that to get where we want to go, we first have to realize where we are. Whatever is occurring at this time must be dealt with, not just for the pragmatic benefits of doing so, but because what comes after cannot manifest until present enlightenment is found. “Enlightenment” sounds dramatic, but that’s exactly what is being called for.

It’s time to push our internal boundaries, to go beyond what we think we are capable of, what is possible to expect from the world around us. Perhaps the need is to merely sit and reflect on what needs attention, or it’s to acknowledge something long-skirting the edge of awareness. Whatever it is, we all recognize that guttural gnawing sensation, telling us that what sustains us is no longer working, that we’re hungry for what authentically feeds.

This isn’t a time to try to push forward. Likewise, trying to go back won’t yield anything useful, either. Find a way to engage the stillness. What does it need to say? How can it help us be ready for what comes next?

This is the inner spotlight. This is a staycation of the soul.  Maybe a better wish for the week is: Be uncomfortable where we are, because discomfort motivates change.