Isa – ice– Keep cool is the message from this last of the winter Runes. Tuck in and be comfortable, because we’re not going anywhere. I like a message that emphasizes relaxation; however, there’s a more to it than that. At this time, we’re challenged to find comfort in something not so comfy, and that’s not as easy as it sounds.

This stave presents a ‘ring pass not’ component–the idea that  we all have our limits, through which we cannot move until we find the momentum to do so from our deepest reserves. That’s true at this time, though the emphasis isn’t just that we can’t move, we shouldn’t. We always have the option to struggle against flow. Nobody said we have to do things in order.

Except Isa. The whole function of this stave is to stay the course.

It may seem that the pressure comes from the outside. In reality, an aspect of ourselves is pushing for wider awareness, greater expression. The good news is, that aspect already knows what to do. Let it lead.

Yes, this Rune brings reprieve, but that doesn’t have to mean inaction. It doesn’t have to mean subjugation. Use this aside to clarify the parameters under which we become more aware. Maybe that’s the awareness that needs to come–that we have some control over it, how it affects us, how we go forward with it.

I generally think of Isa as bringing a staycation of the soul–the sense of wanting wonder, yet being forced to find it in our own backyard.  This time it’s more of a retreat, and we’re its leaders, as well as attendees. —

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