Jera - Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune by S. Kelley Harrell


Ingwaz (or Inguz) – People of Ing – After a few months of churning through this cycle of change and questioning our skills to move through it, finally it’s done. Ingwaz symbolizes that our wisdom prevails over external challeng.  In short: where there is a will there is a way.  This part is finished.

Ingwaz is in the third aett, also called Tyr’s aett. What is significant here is that Tyr refers to Tuisto, the legendary god, who when pressed to survive and preserve mankind, sacrificed his hand to the fiendish Fenrir. The result was Tuisto’s creation of another iteration of the human race, among them–you guessed it–the People of Ing (also the Herminones for you Harry Potter fans, and the Istaevones). The message here is that from dire straits amazing outcomes are born.

This outcome likely doesn’t look as expected. Strike that–it most certainly isn’t what was expected at all.  The thing is, even if the outcome hasn’t readily presented itself yet, take heart in the wisdom that this cycle has completed.  Not only are we greeted with that good news, but with the comfort of knowing a new, brighter cycle is beginning.  With that knowledge we can rest in new wisdom and inner guidance.

Ingwaz is what I call a ‘hinge’ Rune, in that it’s about that tiny space–or maybe nonspace–between Here—> and <—There.  It’s not so much about the events themselves, where we started, or where we end up.  It’s about how the whole process changed us inside.  It’s about finding that well of nonspace, the inner Void where we create ourselves every day, and conscientiously, intentionally beginning that creation process again.

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