For the week of 15 February 2015

With bright Sowilo guiding our half-month, this week’s stave, Ingwaz, brings our attention to community, and how we’re situated in it. All signs point to this as a time of movement, of interconnection with others and self, and of the tending required to spark new creative territory. Sowilu warms us through 27 February, granting us a boost of inspiration. With Ingwaz at the helm this week, we have a focus to which we can direct that inspiration.

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Read right to left in the image is Sowilu, then Ingwaz.

Buckeye Runes by S. Kelley harrellWithin that sense of connection Ingwaz brings us community. It gives us the feeling of being an individual among tribe. In terms of the placement of this stave in the Futhark, Ingwaz indicates a new awareness, a new way of looking at ourselves as creative beings.

As if that wasn’t an upshot enough, it assures the manifestation of the heart’s focus. It may not manifest at this time, though the stroke of genius that’s been needed, that will get it moving in that direction, comes now.

Ingwaz is about turning a corner to a brighter outlook, and finding the AHA! moment in ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way.’ It is the result of having done a lot of growth, and having found a balance in honoring rest, and knowing when to act. In the wisdom of the balance manifests the dazzling awareness.

You’ve earned it.

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