For the week 11 January 2015

Interesting that last week’s rune was Perthro reversed, under the tone of Eihwaz as the half-month, and this week, the half-month stave changes mid-week (13 Jan) to Perthro. Seems the message of chance abounds.

This week sees the hand off of the half-month rune, from Eihwaz to Perthro. As discussed last week, Eihwaz speaks of the end of something, particularly seeing initiation through to its finish. Perthro emphasizes chance, choice. It points to a dynamic that is no longer karmic, but opened to free will. Learn more about the influence of the half-month rune at Patreon.

Ingwaz is correlated to the Germanic god Ing, though if we’re going to tell his story, we also have to tell that of his people. Considered Tuisto by some interpretations of Tacitus’ Germania (making Tuisto a Germanic ancestor of Mannus), through his sacrifice when the human race was on the brink of extinction, Tuisto created the Ingaevones people (also the tribes of the Herminones–for you Harry Potter fans–and the Istaevones). When push came to shove and humanity was dying, he grieved his losses and made a new race.

This stave calls to mind the adage, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” While it portends the end of a cycle, it also brings a sense of survival and sacrifice to get there.

Notice Ingwaz can’t be reversed. Change can’t be avoided, and for this time sacrifice can’t, either.

Ingwaz is what I call a ‘hinge’ Rune, in that it’s about that tiny space–or maybe nonspace–between Here—> and <—There. It’s not so much about the events themselves, where we started, or where we end up. It’s about how the whole process changes us inside. It’s about finding that well of nonspace, the inner Void where we create ourselves every day, and conscientiously, intentionally beginning that creation process again.

Ingwaz brings us an initiatory moment. It is our choice what to do with it. Bring in coping skills, support systems, and internal wisdom to bring the intiation all the way through.
Eihwaz says it’s time. Perthro brings freedom from karmic repeat. Ingwaz jumps in with both feet.