Hagalaz, Weekly Rune by S. Kelley HarrellHagalaz – Hail – Fitting that this Rune presents itself today, as most of my region is plunged into the bitterest cold its seen since the mid-1990s. Regardless of where you’re located, this stave speaks of being frozen metaphorically, likewise berated by the elements. Indeed, as fun as it sounds.

This Rune revealed itself merkstave, or face down, initially, which intensifies Hagalaz’s chilly meaning. Generally indicating an abrupt external change, this stave speaks as much about the frozen state it describes, as the destructive force we know hail to be.  It disrupts our flow.  It can take away livelihood, mobility, sustenance, protection.  Hail can be a nasty force. Yet, while it holds aspects of frozen Nature, it’s also in motion, a catalyst for focused change.

Given its merkstave position, Hagalaz portends the process of moving from frozen to new awakening, from the unconscious to conscious awareness. Everything changes. As much as we dislike oracles that indicate things we don’t want to hear, still are we wired to act on their message. In this case, know that change is coming. Don’t fret a battle plan, because despite that we know the thaw will eventually warm us, we don’t know in what area of life the battle will be. Make no grand gestures, now. Sit as gently as possible in the tumultuous stillness.

The challenge this week is to hunker down and be vigilant in our process of tending our needs, particularly the places in life that feel stuck. As life warms, the big break-through will come. This isn’t in question.  Still, the assurance of an outcome doesn’t take the sting out of what we must go though to reach it.

Hagalaz is about active stillness. As the elements shift, our task is to act on the wisdom we gained in the winter of our stillness, so that when the opportunity to get moving again presents itself, we can act on that momentum to align ourselves exactly where we want to go.


Walk the Runic Wheel.